27 May 2006

Relaxing a bit...

Thursday night, I finished Neverwhere. I liked it... I think I liked the world Gaiman created more than the plot, but I still enjoyed it overall. Now I've started reading The Lovely Bones... which promises to be a good read.

Yesterday, I had a lazy start for my day off (kiddo slept in until 10:30!), then fed and bathed kiddo and took her to school. I had some errands to run.... but heard the siren call of Value Village and headed there first. Unfortunately, the selection for what I wanted was slim... and I just wasn't into poking around.... so, I got on with it... drove around, returning things, paying bills, buying a few odd things.... and then grabbed a Booster Juice smoothie (a Canadian Colada with a protein booster -- which apparently packs a whopping 532 calories, EEK!) on the way home to hang, kid free, with hubby for a bit.

At 4:30 I went to pick up kiddo and even before I opened the door to her classroom I could hear her crying. Turns out she and her best friend/archnemesis were at it again. I will be very happy when she moves on to a new school in the fall. She came home, grumpily ate dinner, and asked to watch a DVD upstairs.... and she fell asleep early. Not long after she fell asleep, Hubby went out for coffee and I put on a pot of decaf.

I watched the premier of Alice, I Think, based on the book by Susan Juby. Unfortunately, it's a very Canadian production, complete with actors who would probably be fantastic on stage but haven't adjusted their acting style for the small screen. I'll reserve final judgement until I've seen another couple of episodes.

Around 10:00, kiddo woke up again, and so we hung out watching Lion King 1 1/2 and eating popcorn until hubby came home.

All in all, a good day off... one I needed.

tags: what I'm reading, Canadian television, family stuff.

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