16 May 2006

My Neighbourhood

Common Ground (whose website really needs an update) a local community group which has spearheaded a community mapping project in conjunction with GreenMap.org, has recently finished the VicWest community map. VicWest is my stomping ground; it's at the edge of Esquimalt and tends to get the runoff of problem residents between there (home to some very rough bars) and downtown Victoria, the other side of the Johnson St. Bridge. At any rate, it's where we bought property.

Recently, the VicWest green map was added to signal boxes around the region, adding colour, promoting community involvement, and even doing double duty as anti-graffiti coatings. Anyway, here's a closeup of my corner of VicWest, and you can see just how close I am to the ocean....


In fact, just a few moments walk and I can see this:


Yeah, even though a family of four apparently needs to bring in $14.88 per hour 60 hours a week (both parents working) in order to just rent a three bedroom apartment in this city... it is beautiful, and I do love living here. (From the Quality of Life Challenge, see: What Does It Cost to Live Here? (pdf))

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