17 May 2006

Brain full. Ouch. Also, something creeepy.

OK, so today I sat through a 3 hour course on Microsoft Access: Relations and Queries. Clearly each of those subjects should have been covered in 3 hours. Ugh. Perhaps when it digests, I will be able to make sense of it all. In the meantime, brain hurt, eyes hurt and I have stacks of work to do.


I read on the CBC site that the Ontario Police Dept. had put unidentified remains online in an effort to help solve cold cases. The warning says:

Some of the images and information contained in this website may be disturbing to some viewers. Given the very sensitive nature of the information depicted within this website every effort has been made to present it in a way that is not offensive or uncomfortable for the viewer, or disrespectful of the deceased.

And the weird thing is, some of these faces look like they were, well, basically placed on a scanner or photocopier. It's unsettling, and a bit creepy. It feels very voyeuristic, too. That said, I think it's great to have the info out there for more people to see; more eyes means more likely someone might know the person, or know of them.

tags: training, cold cases

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