13 May 2006

Two Years.

Wow. Today marks two years since I started blogging. I don't know what more to say, but there it is.

Last night we had friends over for a barbeque which was nice (both the friends and the barbeque). One of their kids is a year younger than kiddo and they get along very well. It's always fun watching her play with a friend -- I think it made her week.

Today we are headed up to Nanaimo (yes, again!!). The goal today is to hit a bunch of thrift stores. We are going with a van full of people so purchases will have to be somewhat limited (which is fine). Yesterday I searched out all the thrift stores I could find and plotted their addresses on a couple of Google Maps. (Speaking of Google Maps, hubby has been working on a MapMaker so you can create your own maps... I've been working on one of thrift stores in Victoria. The MapMaker is not quite ready for primetime, but when it is you'll all get a heads up.)

Which leads me to another one of hubby's passtimes that he calls the meme-maker. Some of the words are ones he comes up with, others he hears in passing and decides they need a push toward common usage. A good example: the other day we saw a woman in full-out goth garb walking up the street. Twenty minutes later we returned in the other direction and said goth was standing on a corner in a manner that looked like she was ... um.. working the corner. Hubby points and says, "gothstitute." Naturally, I laughed. Happily, I had taken a photo of her earlier... it was so warm out she had removed her cape, but she chose to keep her gloves on.


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Z├ęzette said...

Congratulations on two productive blog-years!

On the thrifting thing: there's a project that I think would be just perfect for you (because you've got all that spare time on your hands!). This book is a guide to all the thrift stores and second-hand shops in Melbourne. It's excellent! I bought a copy when I was there last, and the rest of my stay was spent trawling through the suburbs, book clutched in hand. It gives a thorough review of each one, including things like whether they have changing rooms, the quality of the treasure, opening hours, and maps for each area. Sounds like just the thing the good people of Vancouver Island need. :)