04 May 2006

I'm (mostly) healthy.

Went in for my annual checkup today. Overall, things are good. Confirmed the bursitis in my shoulder and confirmed that I'm doing pretty much what he would have told me to do anyway. Get to have an x-ray done of my left hip (which has been a bother for many years....) just to rule out anything like early onset arthritis (oh, goody!) but otherwise my numbers were good. He was especially pleased with my blood cholesterol which was 4.3 with HDL being 1.5.

I had to check what the numbers meant though, and according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada:

Normal blood cholesterol should be in the range of:

  • Total cholesterol 5.2 mmol/L or less;
  • LDL-cholesterol (bad type) less than 4.14 mmol/L;
  • HDL-cholesterol (good type) greater than 0.9 mmol/L

So I guess that is good. Yay! And I was thinking, "Well, I must thank hubby for feeding me such good healthy things all the time," because really, he does.

Anyway, you're all stuck with me unless I get hit by that proverbial bus. Not that I'm tempting fate or anything... but I am kindof a pessimist.

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Mike DeWolfe said...

Damn. At least I locked in cheap insurance for you.
I daresay I try for a healthier diet than you (less diary, less meat, less fried foods). I guess that's why I'm 38 and no heart attack :)