19 May 2006

Coffee, art and shopping....

Today was a day off for me and for kiddo. As promised, I trooped her up to campus for coffee with my coworkers. She did not disappoint. While we were there, we had a look at some of the art that hangs throughout the library and also at the gallery display -- currently a series of paintings by Wade Stout based on Hamlet (though I couldn't quite see the connection, I did like the pieces). Kiddo thought they lacked enough purple. The show runs now through June 30th.


After that we headed in to town, braving Tourist Central (lower Government St.) to see Seeing is Believing and grab some green tea gelato from Oh Gelato! (tip: while a two-scoop cone costs $4.95, a small tub (approx 500 ml) costs $8.95). For the heck of it, we rode the glass elevator in the Bay Centre (I was very surprised and a little sad to see that the turtle fountain in the centre of the mall has been torn out...) and then checked out the HBC Gallery, a mini-museum in the Hudson's Bay store, devoted to the history of the Hudson's Bay Company (from trading posts to retail empire, even if it is now owned by an American). It's free, which is good because I don't think I would pay even a buck to look around otherwise.


We came home for lunch and some hang time before heading out to see Over the Hedge tonight (in about an hour, hopefully).

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