05 May 2006

Your Basic Lovely Day

I love days off like today... slept in a little bit, went shopping (5 thrift stores and a few other places), got a few errands run (vacuumed the van, returned bottles, checked for sales of JoeCozies at Solstice Cafe (Zero. Sigh.)), spent most of the day with my Mother In Law (we get along quite well most of the time), then spent a little over half an hour taking photos around Selkirk before picking up kiddo from school. Oh, and the weather was beautiful.



Home for dinner, then out again to the Library (watch for more reviews in coming days at the Medianook) and to get groceries, now it's quiet as kiddo is in bed and hubby is out for coffee.... so I can catch up on blogging, do some writing, and maybe read an actual book (especially since I bought three while thrifting today....)


tags: dayoff, photos, dullstuff

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