20 May 2006

Toys Toys Toys.....

Oh. My. God.

I had no idea we had so many toys. We hauled over a dozen toy-filled boxes out of our storage room; slightly over half have been earmarked for sale. Some of the stuff is amusing; some ...well, a bit pathetic, really. Some we bought and squirreled away, mint-in-package others are well-worn from years of use. I am part-way through the inventory (and some price-checking).... unfortunately most of the stuff seems to be worth very little. The jury is out on these knockoffs:


They are either worth $5 each or less than a buck each. A lot of the stuff is like that. On the other hand, these Slurpee cups from the mid-70s look like they should be worth a quarter but because they are plastic and were disposable, they sell for anywhere from $5 to $25 (that would be Spiderman) through collectible websites.


There was a bit of unwelcome excitement in the day, too. I went to gather some dolls that were stored outside in a plastic tub and after I pulled some out, realized I had disturbed a live wasps' nest!!!!! I broke the nest, accidentally, and realized it was live because the little larvae were squirming... [shudder]. I froze, expecting to be dive-bombed by the queen, especially after last June's wasp sting. Luckily, no queen in sight. I went running to hubby, trying to figure out what to do next... and I took a quick reconnaissance photo of the nest so that hubby could attack quickly and accurately. He went in with compressed air to clean the toys (he removed them one by one) then doused the larvae with salt and a chaser of vinegar. Seems to have done the trick.

Meanwhile, kiddo has been running a fever. We were supposed to be out tonight, being social, but around noon, she started complaining she wasn't feeling well. By 3:00 she was running a fever just over a hundred. She didn't eat dinner and put herself to bed by 8:00. Poor kid. Worst thing is that hubby tells me chicken pox is making the rounds at school -- and guess whose kid hasn't been immunized? Hmmm. I swear we were going to get it done like next month.

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