22 May 2006

Long Lazy Weekend

Kiddo has had a fever, on and off, since Saturday. It's crazy-making because it's not a high fever -- she's just running a little hot (99-100.5°F) -- and there are no other symptoms, aside from her being a bit lethargic on Saturday.

So, we took her out yesterday when it looked like her fever had broken (and before it returned -- doh! -- here's hoping she wasn't contagious with anything horrible); we went to the Children's Farm at Beacon Hill. Hubby got this great photo of her and me looking at a heap of ducklings:


The peacocks were out in full force, all the men were courting, and the place seemed to be overrun with them... luckily, I was able to catch a photo of the albino peacock in full show:

peacock4_albino peacock2 peacock1 proud as a....

We also stopped by a garden centre to get some plants, most of which I planted today. We got broccoli (which I've never attempted), peppers (which are difficult here, but not impossible), tomatoes (yay! 3 varieties of cherry tomatoes -- one golden, two varieties of red), herbs (including Sorrel, a heritage variety) and some flowers:


Today (aside from the gardening and a few loads of laundry) has been a hang day; a nice wind-down to the weekend before my harrowing 3-day week (I have a flex day on Friday)...

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