06 May 2006

Free Comic Book Booty.

OK.. so today was Free Comic Book Day.

I thought kiddo would be excited -- what kid doesn't like free comics? Apparently our kid. Last night we asked her if she wanted to go out in the morning for her pick of freebies and she looked up at us and said, "No. I just don't like comics as much as my family." She said it so sweetly... ten years from now she'll just scoff at us, call us geeks and head out with her "normal" friends.

Luckily kiddo was scheduled for a night out at Granny's so we dropped her off after lunch and headed on our way, kid-free.

We got plenty of booty... and I bought two Emily the Strange compilations (The Boring Issue and The Lost Issue)... plus hubby bought me a "Happy I Love You" gift: a set of three Mirrormask figures including the Librarian. Wheee! Funniest moment was in one of the comic stores, the doofus behind the table o' swag kept telling me how much gore and violence was in each item I picked up in a tone that suggested, "Oh, you don't want that one ma'am." It was kinda funny. Naturally, I picked up the ones he indicated as the bloodiest.


We wandered through town and visited a few non-comic stores, too. After some debate, we settled on Ferris' Oyster Bar & Grill for a late lunch. I was happy to see it crowded and was, as usual, not disappointed in the food. We had a trio of appetizers: a basket of mixed fries (potatoes and yams) with chipotle mayo, potstickers, and satayed portobello mushroom skewers (mmmmMMmmm).

At Munro's, I finally found a nice guide for identifying trees and shrubs (Botanica's Trees and Shrubs) -- it's packed with glossy photos and info. Their remainders tables were overflowing today; I could have spent $100 on books without blinking. At Sally Ann (what, like I could resist a thrift store?) I picked up a spool of ribbon, a Klutz book of Beadlings (with a bunch of beads still included), a flower press and a partly used package of origami paper (total purchase $7.17).

Now we are settled in for a Soprano-thon (last part of Season 5 followed by the first part of Season 6.) Bada-Bing!

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