26 May 2005


OUCH! [large stream of expletives] THAT HURT!

I just (10 minutes ago) got stung by a wasp. On the tip of my nose. Aside from the urgent pain, my eyes and nose immediately sprung leaks. Grabbed an ice pack first then went looking for anti-histamines. Took one.

Now it feels like I am having dental work on my front teeth; the top of my gumline is numb from the venom. My left eye is also not thanking me for the experience.

So later today we shall be NUKING the stink out of the wasp nest (I thought they were paper wasps, but apparently they are yellowjackets) that I had been willing to "let be" on our deck.

wasp nest

Damned, stupid insects.


Sarcasmo said...

oh no!!! I hope the swelling goes down / the pain stops soon!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the concern. The "update" is on my LJ.. basically, I'm fine, just a little numb still. Stupid wasps. I am now researching the most potent wasp-insecticide I can get my hands on without requiring a pesticide license.

Zézette said...

Ow. Sounds nasty. But where's the nose photos? :(

Cheryl said...

HA! Suzette, you are funny. I am not likely to ever post photos of my nose - let alone photos of a swollen, runny nose!

Zézette said...

Heh, these google ads down the side are priceless:
"Bees Wasps Sale. New and used Bees Wasps. Check out the deals now!"

There you go, selling vicious and venomous insects for fun and profit! So quit yer whinin'.

Cheryl said...

Heh, I think Google ads are trying to tell you something. I'm getting ads for insecticides and pest control. :)

Mike DeWolfe said...

I had to blast those bastards into oblivion. I had phantom bug crawls for like an hour afterwards. I went to survey it this morning and all I could see were a handful of carcasses and no other activity.

Kind of like the Jedi Temple after their first annual "Dress Like Your Favorite Sith Lord" event.