01 October 2005

Early Anniversary Dinner

Hubby and I snuck out for a couple of hours tonight while my Mom watched kiddo. We went to the Queen Mother Waterside for dinner. This is the Victoria location for an established Toronto eatery with yummy south-east asian food -- some traditional dishes, some western meals with asian touches or influences. We started with Crispy thai rice balls (soft, mildly spicy, and coated in a crunchy-sesame crust). I had Almond crusted halibut with vegetable potstickers (mild yet flavourful and mouth-watering); hubby had Khao soy gai (by all accounts just as tasty).


Took a few photos along the way -- notably of some paragliders coming in for landings at Clover point -- beautiful windy night for it, too.


At the end of the drive, we stopped in to Moka House at Shoal Point for some coffee drinks to-go. We got home just in time to hear my Mom reading kiddo Dr. Seuss' ABC book; she fell asleep before Mom left and we got upstairs to check on her. For the rest of the evening, we'll be watching a few more Firefly episodes before SNL's season premiere.


carrie said...

Sounds like a nice evening and a yummy meal. Happy anniversary!

Cheryl said...

It was quite nice, thanks. :)

Hey, I can't get your blog to load.. did I miss something?

carrie said...

I had to move to a different server/domain. My new home on the intarweb is at whatever.rentonweb.biz . If that's what is not loading, then I dunno.