30 October 2005

Hellboy and his companion.

Last night, hubby and I went out to a Halloween party -- an annual get-together hosted by friends of friends who take Halloween very seriously [How seriously? Fog machines, crime-scene tape, and movie-style props scattered throughout -- for example: the bathroom looked like something particularly horrible had taken place -- there was blood and bloody handprints all over the walls, floors, sink, etc. -- then I sat down and nearly jumped back up because there was a near-life-sized bloodied girl in the tub holding a dead baby! Eeep!]

Costumes for the party are mandatory and a number of people go over the top, but we were up for the challenge. Well, hubby was up for the challenge. For some reason, I couldn't quite get into it this year. So hubby went as Hellboy:


He had been working on aspects of the costume for over a year, but modified much of it this year to be more functional -- like the hand which he scaled down so that he could actually hold a beer.

I couldn't decide how to dress. I figured worst case I would just be undead again. Then I started looking at the vampires from Buffy... and I asked hubby if that was do-able (keep in mind this was about 4 hours before the party). He thought we could modify a forehead appliance he'd already made and I agreed. Alas, no one knew what I was (of course most of the people at the party didn't know who Hellboy was either... so that may not be saying much). Anyway, here's a shot of me as a vampire who looks a little like a Klingon in pancake makeup. I still enjoyed myself.


The "fun" part has been cleaning up all the red makeup all over the house. :)

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Sarcasmo said...

You guys both look great!