09 October 2005

Blog renovation

OooOOh. I monkeyed with my template this afternoon and came up with the background you are now looking at. I decided (for now) not to change the overall layout, because I am a creature of habit and there's something to be said for things being in the same place you left them.

I spent the large part of the day looking through the many lovely background tiles at Citrusmoon before settling on the sedonia tile you see here.

vs. vs.

I was looking for something a touch more feminine without being overtly floral or pink (I was dangerously close to using one of the hot pink/orange tiles in her collection) and I think sedonia 1 is a nice compromise. I also changed the border colour by using the VisiBone Webmaster Color Lab (one of my most favourite web tools!).

So... now that I have accomplished so very little... it's time to clean kiddo's disaster zone before turkey dinner tomorrow.


Z├ęzette said...

Argh! I spent hours last night -- inspired as I was by your efforts -- in Illustrator and Photoshop making a background to test out on my own electronic pile. I couldn't seem to get it to sit sensibly within my template. So an easier solution is to decide that I like mine as it is and bold simplicity is its main design theme. (Which it is.) A sans serif font just won't carry a busy background. :)

Yours looks rather wonderful, though. You've chosen well. Some of the tiles were very busy, and while this one is, too, it's "quiet" enough to be unobtrusive. Well done!

I only learned yesterday that Canada celebrated Thanksgiving. (I assume that's where this turkey fits into the picture?) I'd always thought it only a US thing. May your turkey be particularly large and juicy. :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks. :)

The turkey -- plus all the trimmings -- was indeed fine. Us, Mike's family and our friend Mike all dined to the point of overindulgence, then had dessert. ;)