22 October 2005

productive day - phew!

Aside from finishing kiddo's costume, today was supposed to be a hang day for me while hubby worked on his costume. Unfortunately the storage area seems to have eaten most of version 1.0 of his costume (the work he did last year).

This prompted me to start flinging things out of the storage area with extreme prejudice. Then we piled about eight boxes plus a non-working portable air conditioner and other bulky items into the van and happily donated them to Value Village. Some of the things we turfed have been following us around for 7 or 8 years or more.... it felt good to turf.

Also removed from the storage area: one chair with loose dowelling (needed re-gluing); one box of two matching light fixtures (purchased last year to replace those in the upstairs hallway); one u.f.o. (unfinished object -- slipcovers for the ottomans in the living room). You'll be happy to know I glued the chair and finally installed the damn light fixtures. They look sweet.



I hope to finish the slipcovers tomorrow -- they are not going back into the storage area and neither is my sewing machine until they're done!

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Z├ęzette said...

Hmmm... if I'm not mistaken, you were telling me about those light fittings when I was at your place. :D Well done!

I just love getting those long-term projects ticked off the list.