17 October 2005

Day of Protest in BC

On Friday, the BC Federation of Labour which represents 470,000 unionized workers through its affiliations, including my local. Barry O'Neill of CUPE BC followed the BCFed announcement with this, "I am announcing that on Monday, October 17th CUPE members on Vancouver Island will be participating in a political protest and will not be reporting for work."

This morning, general chaos ensued. Pickets went up around BC Transit garages which effectively left 90,000 people stranded and unable to easily get to work -- including me. However, since I knew there was going to be pickets around campus, I felt it was pointless to go out of my way trying to get to work (I could have walked in about 90 minutes or so if it were really neccessary).

Instead, I have been protesting digitally.

I spent a chunk of the morning listening to and emailing local talk-radio shows. I also emailed the Premier and several MLAs and Ministers. Now I am watching television coverage, inclduding Premier Campbell's news conference where he said, "I don't think it's hardline to say that every citizen should obey the law."


What??? This is the same man who, in 2003, was arrested for driving under the influence while on vacation in Maui. At the time of his arrest, his blood alcohol level was 0.149, nearly double the legal limit of 0.08.

campbellmugg Did he admit wrongdoing? Yep.

Did he step down as leader? Nope.

Did he obey the law? No fucking way.

As I type, there are thousands of British Columbians gathering on the lawns of the BC Legislature (pdf flyer for the event); a sea of umbreallas in the pouring rain, likely creating a mud-pit out of the carefully manicured Legislature lawn while listening to teachers, labour leaders and politicians talk about the way Bill 12 undermines not only teachers but also the entire labour movement in BC.

Will they get their point across? Maybe.

Will they piss off the Premier? Maybe.

Will he change his mind? No fucking way.

The Liberal government is refusing to repeal Bill 12. They say they will go back to the table after the teachers cease their action. Like kids in a sandbox, each side is kicking sand at the other, and a crowd is growing. Not one to be part of the crowd, I will instead blog and comment and email and complain as loud and as often as I can.

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