01 April 2007

Patio Makeover Part 1

We aren't too kind to our patio. It's a smallish space into which we have crammed: a container garden, a cooking and eating space, craft storage, outdoor toys, and our chest freezer. We started pulling stuff out on Saturday....

deck_clutter junk

... and continued moving/sorting/freecycling stuff today, since we still want to use the deck for all those things.... We've Freecycled a bookcase, a very weathered bench, a baby gate, a plastic toddler bike, and a big box of plant pots. We've taken out two basketsfull of garden trimmings, several armsfull of recycling, and several bags of garbage.

We also went out and bought a new barbeque (the old one we sort of inherited from friends finally gave up the ghost), and two Rubbermaid storage units -- one park-bench style unit and one VERY BIG storage box/bench:

reorganizing xl_deck_box

Now there is a stack of plastic storage bins in one corner, next to that (and in front of the patio door/window) is the park-bench storage unit which holds all (well almost all) of kiddo's outdoor toys.

I moved my containers around (I finally gave up the carnations for dead -- they didn't really come back after all the snow) and made room along the other wall (between two drain pipes) for the BIG storage bench. I also decided to add more dirt to the one raised bed, after dividing it; the strawberries will stay at the front, and I can plant other stuff at the back. And,I'm going to try growing cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets this year.

containers1 containers2

Meanwhile, hubby has decided to turn a lot of the remaining "junk" -- wood scraps, plastic buckets, and who knows what -- into sculptures. I'm looking forward to the results!

So, there are no "after" photos yet... we still have to cart away some unusable scrap wood (termite-ridden!!! eeee!) and the old barbeque (and where does one take old propane tanks? Hmm...), build the new barbeque, and finish tidying the deck.... then I have to tackle the garden, hopefully next weekend. =PHEW=

I ache all over, but it's for a good cause.


Ted said...

Looking forward to testing the results from the new BBQ!

karena said...

Girl, you need a visit from that organization TV show! Lordie!

Can't wait to see your new garden. I wish I had one to throw myself into heart and soul...

Cheryl said...

Ted: Of course! You'll get an invite soon as we've got things suitably rearranged. A big goal is to be able to entertain on the deck this year.

Karena: nu-uh. Hubby says I'd go to jail for sucker-punching the host as they tried to make me part with my STUFF. Heheh. No, it's just laziness... so we are doing lots to make it better. Expect "after" photos soon.