19 April 2007

No longer on the dial....

So... I'd seen Shaw Cable's ad which advised that there were channel changes coming to our region and to check at their website. I did, and couldn't see any changes to the channels we get (we have resisted digital, so we subscribe to "full cable," which I learned is now called "classic cable" -- great, now I have the 66 Corvette of television signals). However, since I don't trust Shaw, I phoned them. I waited for a while and eventually got to a person. I asked her whether any of the channel changes would affect customers on classic cable. She uhhhmed and ahhhhed for a few moments (probably reading company bumf) and finally said, "It looks like you'll just be losing The Shopping Channel," to which I replied, "Oh, heck. That's too bad."

And this is where I started smiling... because although I coated that statement liberally with sarcasm, she completely missed it, thinking I really was upset by the loss of Canada's version of QVC. She assured me that it was their call to go all digital, not Shaw's, and that the channel had sent all their customers letters -- had I received a letter? -- and if I could wait until May 9th Shaw would be offering their digital converters for a reduced price... etc.

I thanked her, said I would consider the digital option and then allowed myself to giggle after hanging up.

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