09 April 2007

The Vanishing Neighbourhood Market

And in today's episode of Short Attention Span Theatre, I offer this link to a flickr slideshow of Neighbourhood Markets in and around Victoria, BC.

I actually find it fascinating because they are vanishing... some pretty quickly....

This photo of Banfield Market was taken by R. A. Paterson in December 2006, as part of the above set:

Banfield Market, Vic West

You can see, on the left, a for sale sign... and when we went there yesterday afternoon (because it's in this month's grid), we found it closed for business, it's windows papered over; hubby took this photo:

Banfield Market

It was an interesting market, attempting to be organic and upscale... when we lived in the area 10 years ago, it was a pretty typical corner store that I could usually count on to have a handful of fresh produce available. I can't remember when it went upscale... but it was after we moved out of the neighbourhood.

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