06 April 2007

Clean house, sore body.

Slept in... which was nice, considering kiddo got up at "seven oh two"... she just turned on cartoons and hung out until we got up. Yay for independence.

After a full breakfast, we gathered kiddo and the cat and dropped them both off at my Mother in Law's. Then hubby and I stripped off all the linens, vacuumed, shoved furniture around, vacuumed some more, then sprayed the place with anti-flea spray. Ugh.

While it aired out, we filled the van with laundry and headed out to Admiral's Walk where there was a laundromat (for about 8 loads of laundry, plus four more we did here), a dollar store (to get the rest of the stuff for Sunday's Easter Egg Hunt), a restaurant (for lunch), a drug store and a grocery store (for a few necessities), and a coffee house (for coffee of course!). Phew! And we managed to get everything and do what we needed inside of about 2 hours. I was actually impressed with our efficiency.

When we got back, we made the beds then shipped ourselves down to my Mother in Law's to visit and stay for dinner. For the first half hour, all I did was sit and let my body settle out all the achey bits....

When we got home, we put away all the laundry while kiddo bathed.... and I am glad we made the beds earlier, because I am really looking forward to sleeping in it... after we finish watching The Wedding Singer. Yay.


Tomorrow, we are heading over to the other side of VicWest so kiddo can get in some playtime at the park and we can get some Victoria Grid Project photos.

Sunday will be the Easter Egg Hunt followed by Easter dinner with hubby's family.... and we have no plans yet for Monday (I'm hoping for a day of very little).

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