05 April 2007


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Thank goodness it's a long weekend. Renovations started today on some new office spaces just outside my current work area... lots of thumps, bumps, whirs, and the odd sound of twisting metal....

I should be thankful that I haven't had to deal with the major construction outside as it is on the other side of the building -- opposite corner, in fact -- from where I sit.

These next few months, until December of this year, and maybe into early 2008 will be the "transitional phase" of the expansion. There will be musical desks for a while as some people will be moved into "swing space" -- temporary offices and desk areas -- until the new offices are constructed.

I will be moving too, as will three or four staff members nearby. Right now, we only know the move will happen, and we have a rough idea of the area we will be moved into.... but it's all very tenuous still...

So, interesting times are in my near future... but I survived the relocation of the public service desk; I can survive this one too. Still, it's a little like winter driving in Victoria: whether or not you can cope may be less important than whether or not those around you can cope.

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