20 April 2007

Long Day Off...

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After taking the van in for servicing (turned out we needed new front brakes too, oops), kiddo and I headed out for the day. She had a day off school and I opted to spend it with her.

We went out for breakfast then hopped on the bus out to Butterfly Gardens. We spent a little over an hour there in which time I took about 200 photos (!!) including this one of a butterfly standing tall on a leaf in the mist -- I was surprised how well this turned out since I basically held the camera out over a railing and snapped (twice).

After getting a cold drink (because the gardens were "stinking hot" according to kiddo), we bussed back to Mayfair Mall where we had lunch and shopped until it was time to collect the van.

Kiddo seemed to enjoy herself but I think we were both pretty exhausted by the time we pulled into the driveway.

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