02 April 2007

How much is that outfit really worth?

"The 100-mile suit is a literal examination of the question "where did you get your outfit?" A fiber to finish project inspired by initiatives in sustainability such as the 100-mile diet, community supported agriculture, local car-share transport and creative collectives. The 100-mile suit unravels the disconnect of consumer to product by reintegrating and reconnecting the wearer of clothes to local trades and economies."

When I was in my 20s, I had a dream of being self sufficient. I thought being able to make my own clothes would be enough... but I never considered making the materials for those clothes. Artist Kelly Cobb enlisted 21 people to help her source and make materials (suit, shirt, slacks, shoes, socks, undies -- even the buttons on the shirt!!) within a hundred miles of Philadelphia.

The resulting outfit is... well, interesting. It would fit in just fine around here, among the greenest of green locals, but I think it would raise more than a few eyebrows in the boardroom of a big city.

Still, it is an interesting thing to consider.

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