08 April 2007

Happy Easter.


There's been plenty of bunny lovin' on campus lately...
I expect baby bunnies by the bucketful very soon.

Aside from kiddo's lightning-speed Easter Egg hunt, it's been a mellow morning. Hubby has been trying to wrangle Frugal Victoria on to the new server, and I've been lazing around enjoying coffee.

Yesterday, the weather was not agreeable for a day outside, so we went to see a movie instead: Meet The Robinsons (which I hope to review in full on Medianook later...), which was a fine way to spend an afternoon.

This morning, there is a little window of cloudy-but-not-pouring-rain so we are about to head out to the park. Yesterday afternoon there was a little window too, but not enough to make us want to pack out to the park.... instead I got some photos in our garden:

mysnail two_tulips cameron_rosemary

Hope you're having a pleasant weekend.

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