29 March 2007

Good Mornings

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I have a secret: I often enjoy my morning commute.

It's even better on mornings when I take ten to twenty minutes after arriving on Campus to walk around taking early morning photos, but even on days when I have to drive -- getting stuck behind people going 48 km/h, just slow enough to hit every traffic light through town -- there are glimpses of things like this sunrise (which I managed to catch while we were behind a slow cyclist).

When I am taking the bus, I have even less stress (even on mornings when I miss a bus, I leave early enough that I generally get to work on time, so it is just a tiny annoyance) and I can sit back and take photos (I'm sure other riders refer to me as "the crazy camera lady") and enjoy my mug of coffee.

Yes; Victoria, despite annoying the hell out of me on many occasions, more often than not soothes my soul between 7 and 8 a.m.

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