17 April 2007

This is not a bibliography:

Seriously. This past weekend, we attended the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair. One of the participants proudly displayed on her project board her full bibliography consisting of that one web address. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Even if that was the only project her school sent to the regionals, why didn't someone -- her parents, her teachers, a random passerby -- explain to her that she needed to list her sources? I mean, for her to list only web sources might be suspicious, but listing Google??? AAAgh.


Star said...

As a parnt who spent many a weekend in a library ( back before google ) I both applaud and am dismayed by the ease of intrnet research. It is wonderful to have the world of knowledge, literally, at your fingertips. But I wonder how many young people are missing the"thrill of the hunt" through stacks of books in the library.

Cheryl said...

I might have grumbled, cantankerously, if she had listed a half dozen websites, but I understand that. What I don't understand is the basic information literacy that is missing here: a search engine is not a source. It would be like listing the card catalog at my school library -- it just isn't appropriate. Sigh.

No, the days of people browsing through the stacks are pretty much history. Basically the only people browsing now are liberal arts students... and bibliophiles. :)

Leon said...

AAAgh is right. Listing one source is always a bad idea and your're right a search engine doesn't count.

You're one of the featured blogs at BBD for the next few days - week.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the feature, Leon!

Tim Bailey said...

Basically the only people browsing now are liberal arts students... and bibliophiles.

...don't forget the people who cut out pictures of naked ladies from the books.