14 April 2007

Bonus "Couple Time"

We ended up with a bonus night to ourselves on Friday while kiddo spent the night at her Nana's.... what did we do? Not much Friday night... we did go out and buy a new palm sander so hubby could continue work on the Sculpture of Cthulhu (SOC). We made a few other stops then came home and puttered.

This morning, we went out for breakfast at John's Place. I love that restaurant, but I have one complaint: they've changed their coffee. They used to serve Canterbury roast (mmm); now they serve Lavazza, which claims to be Italy's favourite coffee. I just have to say, if this is true, I'm not going to Italy any time soon. What I suspect is that it isn't being brewed quite right, because we ordered dark roast and got something that tasted like dishwater with coffee overtones and a slight hint of mud. That said, breakfast was good (too big though; I should have asked for a half portion).

The weather was amazing today, too, blue skies... puffy clouds... windy and sunny. Hubby was not sure what to do with the "happy-before-breakfast" version of me.

After breakfast we headed over to Michael's/Future Shop, etc. Hubby had a meeting at 10, so I went to Michaels -- after walking about a mile all the way around Mayfair Mall and back down Cloverdale. I have decided that the only way to make sure I exercise is to do something every day -- I am on day 4 of that plan and so far so good... but we'll see how I'm doing in a month. To that end, I have also signed up with SparkPeople.com... so I can track exercise along with nutrition.

I just have to add, right now hubby is playing with a particularly lame video game... he figured out how to make the character jump and is making him jump in place while the character's father delivers some tedious monologue...what's even funnier is hubby saying "Yay! Yay! Yay! Are those my barrels? Yay! Yay! Oh, this is purple! Yay! Yay!" etc...

Didn't buy much at Michael's, but I did get some new rubber stamps for greeting card production so I can finally make a dent in all the cardblanks we bought last year! I also got some ribbon that was on sale... I have plans to use it for more bottlecap pincushions.

Tomorrow we're hosting brunch and later we may attend the Regional science fair. I have a major soft spot for the science fair, having made it to the regional several times through school but we took kiddo last year and she got a kick out of it, so we're hoping to repeat that.


Leon said...

I love John's Place. I like the coffee and hope it's okay when i got there next. I don't likethat 'hightest' they use though - it's too bitter. Good old medium roast works for me.

pastilla said...

re: restaurant reviews I brought my copy of Garlic and Sapphires up to Victoria to pass on to you (thinking I would get up to UVic at least one day!), so it will have to wait . . .

I've had some horrible taste experiences with supposedly "authentic tasting" Italian coffees, too. Italian coffee doesn't taste like burnt dung; I don't know why they try to market it to north Americans as such.

Vague restaurant segue: Have you been to Cafe Ceylon for their hot pot? I can't remember if you like SE Asian food, but if you do, see if you and The Hub can go there for lunch. It was one of my only restaurant treats the whole time I was in Vic. Amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. Big chunks of salmon and huge, perfect prawns with veggies and udon noodles . . .slightly spicy, tomato/lemon/coconut-based sauce.