23 May 2005

Two Days Without Entries?

Wow. You are probably thinking I had a busy weekend; maybe went away or something. You're wrong! I had a lazy Saturday (punctuated by some spending -- new bras! whee!) and I worked Sunday(in fact I worked on Sunday -- I managed to complete 4 of the 7 things on my "to do" list; the stuff I need to do before I start the new job). Today, well, I ended up caving and going to see ROTS in the theatre. I went because hubby wanted to go but he was waffling because he couldn't figure out with whom. So, it was an afternoon date (kiddo got to hang with Granny for a few hours). Unfortunately, I ate too much popcorn (ooooh, ugh) but otherwise it was a pleasant afternoon.

My take on the film? Well, in one sentence, "It was better than I expected." That said, I went in with expectations that were somewhere in the sub-basement, and there were times I had to cover my mouth so that WHOOPS of laughter would not disturb the other theatregoers. On the other hand, big kudos to Lucas for tying everything up so very neatly, and kudos, too, for theiving so obviously from visual history (film and art) while making it all fit seamlessly into the Star Wars universe. Yoda is more believeable as a badass in this film (maybe Frank Oz spent some time hanging around Samuel L. Jackson between this movie and the last) and R2 seems to be hiding some steel cahones under that tin suit. Jar-Jar is pleasantly (almost) absent. I wouldn't recommend taking kids under the age of 9 or 10, but if you let your kids play first-person shooter games with gory cut-sequences, they'll be fine in this movie.

Tonight, we tidy for tomorrow hubby starts his new job!

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