23 May 2005

This contest was made for me....

The Tyee's Teen Angst Poetry Contest

Send in your poem(s) (as many as you like) along with the backstory (what lead you to write the poem). Watch for the example of a poem and backstory each week on the site. To enter, you have to be over 18, but the poems need to be from when you were 19 or under.

Now where did I stash those diaries....?

1 comment:

Z├ęzette said...

Oh good grief, woman! I'm squirming with embarrassment at memories I'd forgotten I even had!

I wasn't a teen angst poet -- visual expressions of my, like, misunderstood complexity and pain were more my thing, man -- but I discovered whilst cleaning the living room one day that my house mate was. But the thing is that this was just a few years ago and he was pushing 30.