14 May 2005

Interview overview

About 24 hours ago, I stepped into a room with a panel of four interviewers, sat in the hot seat, and laughed with them for being late coming back from coffee (they were late; I was on time) -- it was a good ice-breaker. The interview was supposed to be 45 minutes with a 30 minute "written exercise" (they can't give us "tests" under the contract). Although the interview started late (at 11:15), I was done both the panel questions and the exercise by noon (the exercise took me a little over 5 minutes for 5 questions). That said, I felt really positive on leaving; it was a good interview, in my mind. It remains to be seen whether it was good enough to get me the job; I should know by "early next week."

Unlike other recent interviews, I was really prepared for this one. I had updated my resume recently and I made a crib sheet for my reference during the interview -- something that almost completely eliminated my "thinking" pauses. I also studied definitions which I suspected would be on the exercise (they were) and read through procedures for their department on the intranet. Though I was nervous right up until entering the room, once I sat down I was calm and focused. The preparation made a huge difference.

Now I just have to stop my brain from replaying the answers -- it's too late to change anything and either I will be offered the position or I won't.

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Rae said...

Good luck with that. I had an interview and was offered to position on the same day - on April Fools day, no less! Still, it was a nervy wait to find out the results. I hate having an interivew one day, then waitng days for their response. I hope you get good news soon.
BTW, I also walked out of the interview feeling on fire; I felt that I'd hit the high notes with all my preparation and I'd be ready for anything they'd throw at me. Like you, it was about 10 minutes later that I started to wonder if I could have done this or that better...