11 May 2005

I'm 1 in 1,000!

Hey! I found my poll! It wasn't (directly) paid for by Harper; it was for CTV/Globe and Mail:
PM's honesty an issue as Tories lead in poll

Mr. Layton is also seen as the most charismatic of the four men. On a related question, 23 per cent said Mr. Layton is the leader they would most like to have dinner with, more than Mr. Harper and just below Mr. Martin.

It would still depend on what I was serving though I am pretty sure hubby wouldn't allow either Martin or Harper to enter our home.

The election is looking more likely; yesterday a non-confidence vote passed by a thin margin, and while Martin refused to step down, he has called an "emergency meeting" of Parliament this morning, promising the press an "important announcement."

EDIT: Darren Barefoot points out that one MP used his Blackberry to blog about the (pseudo-) non-confidence vote as it happened.
EDIT #2: Monte Solberg (the above MP) notes that Stephen Taylor also blogged about the vote (and his is more detailed).

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