20 May 2005

I Like Lumber Floors!

The last two days (May 18th and 19th) were "International Museum Day" [sic].* Around here that meant admission was half price at most local museums and attractions. Since I had to work both days I wanted to try and make sure the kiddo got the best deal. I asked my Mother-in-Law if she'd be interested in taking her with her cousins to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria on Wednesday afternoon, so she did and they all really enjoyed it. Yesterday, her cousins were in school** so the three of us went to the Royal BC Museum together. Great fun, though a lot of little things have changed in the main galleries since the last time I visited and it no longer feels like "my museum" -- the one I knew as well as my school or the public library. I had a regular route I would take in order to see my favourite displays in about an hour (or a little less). Anyway, suffice to say it is still very much a world class museum, and I shouldn't whine because it is a great to have access to such a fine resource. It was even more of a treat to be able to visit at half price!

One of the galleries is on the resource industries of BC; there is a display of an old saw mill set-up and I was explaining how the saw was used to cut the bark off trees and then slice the tree to make lumber. At this, the kid looks down at the plank floor and says, "Oh. Like the
lumber for this floor!" and when I said, "Yes. Exactly like the lumber for this floor," she said, "I like lumber floors." After that, she proceeded to point out all the lumber in the museum -- lumber stairs, lumber rails and lumber furniture!

Later, when I asked what her favourite part had been, she proclaimed, "The Bully Mamoth!" Heheheh.

*I don't know why "Day" is not plural, but apparently the International Council of Museums suggests celebrations be centered "around May 18th" each year.
**Actually, the younger cousin, B was in school; the older cousin, L was on a "field trip" to see Revenge of the Sith!! In fact, they had Star Wars quizzes and games all week. I suspect their principal is an uber geek.

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