12 May 2005

Cleaning (not) sleeping and dreaming

Yesterday I got active and cleaned up our deck. I broke down a rotting cedar chest which the kid had been using to store her toys, threw out the kid's old inflatable pool (which had holes in the bottom), the old garden hose (again, holes, even after I'd mended it in two places), collected a bunch of miscellaneous detrius, and emptied two bins of useless stuff which had been taking up space. Two black garbage bags went into the bin and now our deck is clean enough to host a party! Not that we have one planned, but now we could.

Last night, I had trouble getting to sleep. I was tired, and I didn't even watch all of The Daily Show (eep!) but by 1:30 I still wasn't asleep so I bumped my alarm forward. I still woke up when hubby got up but did manage to get back to sleep... and was in the middle of an odd dream when the alarm went off an hour or so later. So now I feel all thick and dull. Ugh.

The dream. Oddly, I was in some sort of reality-show type contest. We were teamed up in pairs -- my teammate was some sort of template "average guy" that my brain picked out, though his voice was somewhat familiar. Anyway, our first challenge was to make a song remix. They gave us a cassette tape (in one of those old crappy "tape recorders" from the late 1970s) with 6 songs, and we were allowed to use any music we had with us to mix in, but the first thing I realized was that we didn't have the right equipment -- no stereo, no mixer, no computer -- my teammate says, "We've got a CD player." I look where he's pointing and it is some portable thing with two AA's and no power cable. Great. Worse we are in a gymnasium with all the other teams, seated at cramped tables covered in random craft supplies.

My alarm dragged me back into the real world just as I was about to decide the only way to survive was to pillage from other teams. I'm guessing I am a little stressed about my interview tomorrow which includes a written test; I don't feel prepared at all, and every time I think about the test it's as though my brain shuts down. Sigh.

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