16 May 2005

Education at any price?

Another great Tyee article prior to tomorrow's election:

thetyee.ca Why Is Higher Ed off the Election Radar?

The best quote:
"Clearly, the Liberals understood that today's students would pay almost any price to get through post-secondary. But some just can't afford it."

Working in a post-secondary institution I can attest to the validity of almost every statement in the article. Especially the question in the headline -- why is it a non-issue?

Our union local, in addition to one other on our campus plus others in the province, is currently in the midst of contract negotiations and I would love to know if rumors are true about what will happen to us when/if the Liberals are re-elected to a majority. I really don't like the idea of a strike, but they could easily do as much damage to our contract as they did to the BCTF contract in their first term.


Gazetteer said...

Kinda tangential but......

Imagine what would have happened in Van Pt. Grey, which includes UBC, if the election had been a month earlier when students were still around.

Cheryl said...

Yes, I can imagine it might have been different. Same deal in Oak Bay/Gordon Head with UVic students (the Liberal candidate kept her riding without them).