30 May 2005

Forgotten Fun?

Oh, wow. Along with the "Found_Objects" group on Livejournal, I found "Buried_in_green" which included a link to this site (which alas, I cannot read) that shows some amazing photos of
an abandoned amusement park, now overgrown and rusted. I love this stuff!

Once there were parking lots

Now it's a peaceful oasis

You got it, you got it

This was a Pizza Hut

Now it's all covered with daisies

-- Talking Heads "Nothing But Flowers"


Zézette said...

Wow, how is it that something like that is just abandoned?

Cheryl said...

I have no idea! I was wondering if it was in Hiroshima or something, though I think the mechanics are a decade or two more recent than that... at any rate, I can't read Japanese and none of the online translators are any use.

I may continue researching it; if I find more info, I shall inform you!

Brian said...

that was the Disney japan a bad idea...its just that they forgot to tear it down

Zézette said...

Yes, keep us posted -- I'm intrigued!

Cheryl said...

Brian: nice try, but no. Disney would have stripped out every last bolt if it were theirs.

Suzette: here's a translation of the original page (just page 1) which may help me track down more info.

Cheryl said...

AhA! This is probably the best I am going to find; someone else did the same digging I was doing and got just a bit more detail:

I did manage to glean that "Ruined Amusement Park T" is somewhere in Fukushima prefecture, northeastern Honshu, Japan. The park first opened in Showa 48 (1973), was refurbished and reopened in Showa 57 (1982), and closed its doors for good in Heisei 11 (1999).

He also linked to a page with more photos of the same site. Beautiful.

Cheryl said...

Oh, geez... more! This page includes the entrance and a map of the park. Just search for "abandoned amusement park japan" and you'll find dozens of results.

Zézette said...

From the translation: Concerning ruins, there are various types, but my own personal favorite is abandoned amusement parks. Always when I receive information from people looking after them, I immediately go out to see them.

Clearly there's more of these things. Really?! I thought one was exceptional, but apparently they're dotted all over. Did a whole bunch of Triffids sweep through Japan at one point or something? Or maybe all those Gamera movies weren't fiction after all...

Cheryl said...

Hhahah! Yes, perhaps not fiction after all.

I did find links to several other sites, and to other buildings (hotels and hospitals/asylums), as well as a site that warned against the risks of poking around abandoned ruins! There is even a Japanese term for the passtime: haikyo.