30 May 2005

No magic left here....

When the kiddo and I were combing the beach last week we found a non-so-magic carpet washed up at low tide. I considered dragging it home to clean it but dismissed that as a terribly stupid plan. Instead I took a photo:


Today I posted that photo in a livejournal group: found_objects: No magic left here.... and have had much fun reading the feedback! It's such a nice ego boost.


Zézette said...

Very cool, in a variety of ways. I never find that kind of thing of the beach -- the best I've found was a whole bunch of Russian pickle jars on the Eastern beach of Fraser Island.

Great photo of the carpet; it almost looks like it belongs there. It brought Clive Barker's Weaveworld to mind, and when I browsed the LJ comments I see I'm not the only one.

Cheryl said...

I always find the strangest things in my travels which is why I don't like to be without a camera! I'd have loved to have seen the Russian pickle jars.

I shall have to find this Weaverworld novel; I am intrigued.

Zézette said...

If memory serves -- and I make no guarantees that it does -- there was a copy at Annabelle's. Your local library would likely have it, though.