24 May 2005

A Meal? Sure, Wink wink, nudge nudge...

Google tells surfers restaurants are brothels [Scotsman.com]

EXCLUSIVE city restaurants and Festival venues have been listed as "brothels" on the world’s leading internet search engine.

The new Google Maps website allows surfers to pinpoint the location of any type of business in the UK using a simple search string.

But if someone looking for a house of ill-repute in Edinburgh uses the website, they are told to visit the award-winning Witchery by the Castle restaurant, or exclusive French eaterie Maison Bleue.

A further glance down the city’s ten "brothels" includes the Edinburgh International Film Festival headquarters, the home of the Edinburgh Fringe on the Royal Mile, and the offices of The Banner of Truth Trust - a Christian publishing house.

I wonder if there are a lot of horny people who end up shelling out for expensive meals because they are too embarrased to admit what they went looking for...

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