12 May 2005

How to awake my inner-toddler.

Tell me I can't do something.

Blogs are advertising: Elections B.C. [CBC British Columbia]

Basically, Elections BC thinks that anyone who posts their opinion about a candidate or their position on STV falls under election advertising and should be registered as a media outlet.

This is unequivocally retarded. Sorry, but that is like telling everyone with a lawn sign that they are advertisers. Wake up, Elections BC -- it's an opinion! As far as I know, most bloggers aren't making any money for sharing their thoughts, which to me is the difference between opinion and advertising.

So here's how I'm voting:
I am going to hold my nose and vote for Carol James (NDP) but only because I really can't stand the thought of Jeff Bray (and the rest of his crew) getting another term.
I am also voting YES on the STV, because as weird and confusing as it seems at first, I believe it is a step forward.

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Pistolleer said...

I love the lawn sign analogy. It's perfect.