09 May 2005

Polls aren't what they used to be.

Nice article in the Tyee about election polls: Angus Reid Says Polling Shaky. Reid, for those who may not know, is a veteran pollster, but he isn't working the current election. Instead, he outlines here the problems facing the industry and why telephone polls are no longer representative of the active voters.

I'm happy to say that last week I was polled. Whee! I'm not usually home when the calls come in, but I have always enjoyed sharing my opinion. I wonder which way I skew the polls? Am I a typical crackpot or an atypical one?

The poll was about the possible Federal Election, and I think it was paid for by Harper's camp. One of the questions was which leader I'd rather have to dinner. I replied, "That would depend what I was serving." [Happily, the pollster laughed.] Overall, I dumped on all the leaders though I did acknowledge that Jack Layton had made the most gains in my estimation. I wish I had recorded the call for quality control. I would have made it into an mp3 for your enjoyment. Next time.

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