06 May 2005

randomness in carnival form

Today, Hubby quit his job. (It's OK, there is a full Plan B in play.) He gave two weeks notice so his last day will be the 20th of May. How was I to know this would lead to mysterious carnivals being tossed in our path?


This afternoon, since both of us were still officially on vacation, we decided to hit the road and head for Nanaimo. We wandered through Value Village (I got a new dress, a skirt and a pair of coulottes for Summer), then Jysk at the Country Club Mall. After that was dinner at Boston Pizza so the kid could have spaghetti as requested. On our way to dinner, both hubby and I noticed a carnival at the Rutherford Mall. Luckily the kid was otherwise distracted so we actually got through dinner before offering her the option to attend. Once it was offered, she was very excited...


At the carnival she managed to go on five rides (two with her Daddy, including the Tilt-A-Whirl®) and wasn't ready to leave until she got a big "balloon" (inflatable) hammer.

We headed back to Victoria but decided to stop in Duncan for gas and groceries. In the check-out we ended up buying a DVD on impulse -- four "classic" horror films for $4.99 -- but I think it was in the cards because one of the four is Carnival of Souls.


Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day so you can guess where I'll be for at least a while.


Christopher said...

UCFV has a posting for a head librarian :)

Z├ęzette said...

Congratulations hubby! Consider the balloons inflated and the corks popped!! Whoo hoo!