09 November 2007

Photographic Exposure

One of my Victoria Grid Project photos (from April's grid) has been selected for use in a calendar that will be widely distributed (to approximately 50,000 households); I had been asked a few weeks ago if I would release the photo for consideration, and received this email today:

Hello Cheryl,
Just to let you know that your photo of Vic West's Rayn or Shine garden is in Denise [Savoie]'s 2008 calendar - we just wrapped up our final selections. Thank you again so much for allowing us to use it. You are credited as Cheryl DeWolfe and the photo is for April. It is accompanied by a caption about the garden.

If you live in Denise's riding you should get the calendar mailed to you automatically in late December/early January. I hope you are pleased with how it turns out. If you would like extra copies of the calendar, please let me know.

This is the photo which was selected:


I also returned home today to a request by another group to use one of my photos in a classroom reader -- cool!

I am a photo researcher for Sally Ride Science, a company dedicated to motivating and supporting middle school students' interest in science, math, and technology. This Fall, we are publishing a classroom reader about living green and we would like to include your photo of a native plant garden sign. Would you be so kind to grant us permission? We would of course include a photo credit and would be able to send a complimentary copy.


I am pleased as punch about both of these projects.


Star said...

Lovely! Were you shopping them about or did the interested prties find them on their own and contact you?

Cheryl said...

Like Star's ghost photo, others found me. :)