11 November 2007

Crafty Kid

This morning Kiddo dug out her lacing set -- a set of plastic animal shapes with holes through which children weave laces, like sewing, to build motor skills. She hadn't played with them in ages, and I thought maybe she was just mimicking my crafting, so I asked her if she'd like to do some sewing of her own.

She jumped at the chance. First she made three little finger puppets -- "goons" she called them -- then she wanted to make a little stuffed monster. I asked her to draw a sketch of what she wanted to make, then I cut out all the pieces. She sewed things together bit by bit -- I only helped with the horns and the last few stitches to close things off. She even figured out how to re-thread the needle on her own when she accidentally pulled it off the thread.

Here's her sketch of the monster and her posing with the finished piece:

kiddo_monsterdesign kiddo_monster

She has already asked if she can sell her stuff with mine on etsy....

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Star said...

Like Mother like Daughter.