12 November 2007

Good day to stay inside

It's a stormy day here in Victoria, the wind has been blowing all night and this morning we woke to heavy rain beating against the windows. Power is out in several areas of the city but so far, we've been spared. It's a good day to be indoors.

Thankfully, our only concrete plans today involved vacuuming the house and that can be done any time. Meanwhile, we watched some episodes of The Office (bought at Kiddo's request, oddly enough) followed by Bruce Almighty and are otherwise relaxing.

Hubby just ordered one of the One Laptop Per Child XO Laptops through the Give One Get One promotion that starts today. Since the XO is designed for kids, we will probably let Kiddo use it most of the time but since it is also durable, it may be our default travel laptop.

I think today I will focus on some crafting... I want to get 50 rows done on the Doctor Who scarf (I've finished over 400 rows so far... only about 150 more 'til it's finished)...


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