17 November 2007

As the eyes roll back into our heads....

Quite accidentally, on our way into Burlington, we stumbled on a strip mall we hadn't seen on our last trip and lo, it was good. We had been hoping to go to a Ross (almost identical to our Winners and Home Sense stores) so we decided to stop. (The mall also included Home Depot, Kohl's, Best Buy, Linens & Things, Old Navy and Game Stop).

Several large bags later we managed to get out of Ross.... but we found clothes, Christmas gifts, and two new sets of flannel sheets. Woo!

After checking into the hotel, we went to the Cascade Mall and were largely underwhelmed.... though we did go to Chuck E. Cheese's, as we had promised Kiddo. I was surprised at how un-crazy it was (I was expecting kids hanging from the ceiling....) and how manageable the noise-level was. On the other hand, the Chuck E. Cheese radio/muzak was a clocktower-rampage level of horrible.


We continued our shopping at Target... and walked out of there with an overflowing cart, also largely items from the Christmas lists.

Once we unloaded everything back at the hotel, I extrapolated to include our planned outings on Saturday and wondered whether our purchases would (a) fit back into the van and (b) still keep us under our collective Customs limit of $1600 (four people, $400 each after 48 hours away).... I didn't think it would.

[note: this post is backdated for NaBloPoMo purposes]

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