26 November 2007

Beating stress.

I spent most of the weekend getting more and more stressed out about the project that awaited me Monday morning. Usually, I can leave my work on my desk and walk out the door... but as I mentioned, I'd had a bad day Friday and the dregs of it were still causing knots in my stomach.

So last night, after blogging, I not only started knitting that baby hat, but I finished it in under 90 minutes -- including a test swatch with the yarn I had on hand (some craft acrylic -- definitely not what I would like to use for babies I care about, but for proof of concept it was fine). I was so pleased to finish a new project so fast, I went to bed feeling much better.


This morning, I decided it was time for me to try walking in through the garden. Thanks to my ankle, it's been more than three months since I got off the bus a stop early and walked in through the Finnerty Gardens and the Native Plant Garden, but I did it today. It was chilly (around 3° celcius) and grey this morning, but that was OK by me. It was nice to walk in, clear my head, and take a few photos.


By the time I logged in at my desk, I was much calmer and by coffee time, the whole kerfuffle had sorted itself out. Mostly. I still have work to do, but at least now I have all the information I need to get it done.

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