05 November 2007

As the Ankle Heals....

It's been a while since I've updated about my broken ankle. So, lucky you, you get to see a photo of one of the two scars (this is the prettier one, on the medial side of my leg).

Physiotherapy has been helping a lot; each time I visit, the physiotherapist adds new exercises to my routine. As I mentioned yesterday, the gym here has almost everything I need to do all the exercises I've practiced thus far (and I did do them tonight).

I am starting to rely less and less on the use of the cane to walk; I even ventured out without it last Friday -- I decided it would be easier to lean on Hubby as needed rather than take the cane into a movie theatre (we saw the Bee Movie which I don't recommend doing, even though Richard Roeper and Guest saw fit to give it two thumbs up. I don't think they saw the same movie... but I digress...). I did fine.

I also have been encouraged to venture short trips outside the house in shoes (as opposed to one shoe plus the AirCast) and to wear shoes during the day at work (both of which I have been doing). Today, I wore the cast throughout both the morning and afternoon session, which was too much. Tomorrow the plan is to wear the AirCast in the morning and the shoes in the afternoon.

As for pain, most of the time it's fine. After a long day or immediately following my physio routines, it does ache and if I try to walk fast, I end up jarring my foot and sending sharp shooting pain up my leg. The only other time I've noticed major pain has been when I forget that my foot is injured and use it like "a real foot" -- twice now, I have pivoted on my right foot and regretted it for the following day. In the long run, it's probably good but in the short term, not so much.

I'm still working half-time until at least the 15th when I next see the doctor (I see the surgeon the following monday). Hopefully both will give me the go ahead to stop using the AirCast all together... and possibly return to work full time (though I may use my vacation days rather liberally through to Christmas....).

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pastilla said...

That is one helluvan impressive scar, m'dear. Quite the ordeal.

I applaud you, and will avoid saying anything cheerful or inspirational.

You're a trooper, and now you have the scar tissue street cred to prove it.