25 November 2007

food, friends, and craftfu

Today we hosted brunch for about 15 of our friends -- we ran out of plates and had to wash some partway through. Hubby, as usual, did all the cooking; we both cleaned, and I did the "front of house" prep before guests arrived. As it turned out, every kid who showed up plus ours, had a cold. Let's hope that doesn't turn into some mega-super-virus.... (if so, you heard it here first, folks!). At any rate, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and almost every bit of food was eaten by the time the last guest left.

brunch_gathering1 brunch_gathering2

After everything was tidied up, I settled into crafting mode again. Last night I finished off a bunch of catnip mice in several colours; today I made about two dozen collaged bookmarks for the upcoming Libraries Craft Fair.

catnip_mice2 bookmarks

Now, I might try my hand at one of those baby hat patterns or see if my sewing muse is willing to help me create some more plush creatures. Or I might just veg out and do nothing.

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