29 November 2007

Oh. I needed that.

When I came home yesterday, my head was pounding from what was beginning to feel like the never-ending sinus congestion. I got home, made dinner, then put what effort I had into crafting. I was still feeling miserable at bedtime but I woke up feeling somewhat better. I'm still coughing but it isn't constant any more and neither is the sinus pressure. Yay.

So anyway... today I went out. Mostly shopping. I even drove this morning! Wheee! I got lots done and in between the morning trip to the mall with big retailers and the afternoon leisurely wander through downtown Victoria, I met up with Hubby and went to Chikara Sushi for lunch. MMmm (I had the bento box lunch with nigiri sushi and tempura).

I took lots of photos this afternoon -- the day was chilly but bright -- and indulged in a few things just for me (some extra yarn, most of which will go to making baby hats; a dark chocolate mint meltie bar from Purdy's; and a whole lot of window shopping).

dutch_bakery_sweets skateboarding_savior festive_yarn

Tonight, I bound a few more of the Coffee Haiku books -- easy peasy now since I found a great Japanese Binding tutorial.


It felt good to go out on my own again, not too worried about how long I could go before I would have to sit down and not relying on other people to get me from A to B and back again.


Star said...

Your lunh reminds me of my trips to Japan. I don't think I have ever seen the Bento box lunch offered around here.

Cheryl said...

Bento boxes are very common on the west coast -- or at least in the "Pacific Northwest" (Victoria -- Vancouver -- Seattle). You can also buy very nice bento boxes for making your own lunches.

The standard choices are nigiri or california roll or gyoza and chicken teriyaki or beef teriyaki or tempura. They usually come with miso soup, salad, fruit, and rice. The cost around here ranges from $7-$10.