16 November 2007

On the road again....

This weekend we are test-driving our passports and testing to see whether my Mother-in-Law, without a passport, can travel across the border. Fingers crossed!

We are going to the metropolis of Burlington, yeah baby! We visited the Prime Outlets there last year (they've since been sold and are now the Outlet Shoppes at Burlington, because that extra "pe" makes them high class, I guess) and decided since all the stores we wanted to shop at are in Burlington (the outlets plus most of the big American chain retail stores -- four at one mall), it really made no sense to stay elsewhere.

I spent some time the last two nights checking all the online flyers for the department stores and a couple of grocery stores... so with that plus all the Christmas shopping lists in hand we should be in good shape.

My only concern is that our Virgin phones will not work across the border, which really will suck, but we'll pretend it's 1977 (the last time I can remember our Canadian dollar being accepted at par) and try to survive without them!

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pastilla said...

Have fun in the shoppes. My Canadian Virgin phone stops working about 40 minutes into the voyage to Port Angeles. Hopefully you will find greater mercy via the Blaine route.