23 November 2007

Catnip Mouse Prototype

Originally uploaded by triviaqueen
Earlier this week, I went looking for a pattern for catnip mice. I found lots of patterns for knit or crocheted mice, but no sewn ones. I finally found a blog post that led me to a pattern -- which had no photos!

So, I used that pattern (more or less) and free-handed this mouse last night. My cat took a while to clue in, but once he did, he was meowing at my feet until I finally finished it and let him play. I'd say the prototype was a hit. So, next step will be to make a pdf pattern that people can download, and maybe a YouTube video showing how they are made.

Kiddo wants to help make them, too, so I have prepped enough pieces to make 10 for the Library craft fair. Hopefully, she will let me film her for YouTube as well.

For those of you with cats, there is about 1/4 teaspoon of catnip inside, do you think that is enough? too much? not enough? It's the only thing I am not convinced is right.


pastilla said...

No advice re: amount . . . but I did want to say I like the simple design and the little comic-strip dead eyes.

Christie said...

Hi there -- Just wanted to let you know, since I haven't blogged my finished mice yet, that mine worked out well too! My four-year-old children made six with me for various cats that we know (we don't own one). We just stuffed in a pinch of catnip when we felt like it, kind of layering it in with the fiberfill.